When using a specific medium for marketing you need to understand how it works and what are its strengths and weaknesses. Facebook is used for marketing purpose but before you initiate anything, you must research and plan your Facebook marketing Singapore strategy . The way you market on radio or in a magazine does not work for Facebook.

Define your strategy – You must have clearly listed goals and a strategy before you begin your marketing using print media or digital media. Having a strategy will effectively help you work towards the goal using Facebook and finally achieve it.

Voice for your business – You need to have someone respond to queries from your customers. This person should be able to connect with the customers in a personal way and not chat or respond in a professional manner using your jargons. Facebook is a social site so keep that in mind and have someone socializes your company’s page with your customer.

Regular posts – The best use of social media can be attained only if you post regularly on your page. Remember that visual memory retention is the strongest. Analysis shows that around 50% Facebook users login and check their account at least one time a day. So it is necessary that updates on your page show up for them. It is also important to time your posts. For maximum hits, try and post the updates before and after regular working hours of the region. This will ensure that the post is checked by the maximum number of users and the impact is also positive.

Respond to comments – Plan and put efforts so that your users can respond to the posts and provide the comments about your products and business. Introduce topics which are interesting and attract notes from the masses. Additionally, be proactive and respond to the posts as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. Lack of responses or delay in reverting back can make your customers feel less important and can leave them un-engaged.

Learn about your customers – Use Facebook Insights to get more information about your customers. Knowing this can help you to customize your posts for your customers thereby ensuring that their interests and needs are met.

While these are few tips that can help your business, the best way is to test and explore to see which one of them does work out for you.