Five New Future Trends That Marketers Need to Know about Content Marketing and SEO

marketing trends search engine optimization
marketing trends search engine optimization

Trends That Marketers Need to Know about SEO

Content marketing and SEO are the focus of marketers today. Along with adapting to these new marketing strategies it has become important for the marketers to stay up to date with the new trends that keep popping up in this field. Technology is such that it keeps changing almost every day. This makes it difficult to keep up with the trend in different fields of marketing. However, if you do not keep up it can result in lesser return on investment that can have a negative impact on your company’s image as well as profit.

Content marketing is more than just the production of content you also have to focus on the performance of that content. To stay on top of the content marketing game, you have to adapt to the newest trends and adopt these five trends before you fall back on your marketing strategies.

Merging of SEO and Content

In order to win the marketing race tomorrow, you need to combine the best SEO practices along with content marketing. Content optimization can help your customers discover as well as consume your content with the help of organic searches that can help to drive 51% of the traffic on your website. Three tips that you have to remember to adopt this trend is that you should invest in good SEO before you launch your content as you will be able to get better results. Consider creating micro-content as opposed to longer content that needs more investment. Lastly, you have to make sure that you let your data drive your work and invest more time in efforts that can produce better results.

Create Successful and Engaging Content

Content that do not engage the audience do not do very well on search engines. Studies show that only one out of five B2B brands can produce content that their audience can relate to and engage with. These statistics get better when dealing with B2C content. To make content that is more engaging you have to focus on getting to know your customer and create intelligent content that your customers can relate to, it is also important to create headlines that can attract engagement and deliver on the promise that your headline holds.

Mobile and Local Searches

Nearly one-third of all searches that are carried out daily is related to location, if your content does not match with local intent then your potential customer may not be able to find it easily. In order to keep up with this trend, you have to optimize your content for speed, location, and mobile devices. Along with that you also have to meet the customers’ demands for hot topics and different types of formats in order to keep up with the potential customers.

Voice Searches

This can be the next big thing in search as by the year 2020 almost 50% of all technology will be voice activated. However, most companies do not pay much attention to optimizing their content for voice searches. In order to keep up with this trend, you should align your content with the interest and intent of the customer. You also have to keep your brand visible with the help of content that is able to answer questions.

Machine learning and AI

The world is moving towards a world that is past mobiles. There are chatbots and online personal assistants that are changing the face of search as we had previously known it. AI can help to know your customer and provide the customer with the best content journey experience.

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